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“A literary tale of what could have been…”

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What if. . . Branwell Brontë had not died before his sisters?

Ø  What if. . .Charlotte was able to marry her “Mr. Rochester”?

Ø  What if. . .the Misses Brontë’s Establishment actually found a pupil:  one who is taught by three geniuses?

Meet Maria Shelby, spoiled – and rich – daughter of nobility in mid-Victorian England.  Maria tends to get into trouble:  at eighteen, she’s already been sacked from six London schools and no one else will have her.  Except:  “The Misses Brontë’s Establishment,” in the remote Yorkshire village of Haworth.  Maria is bundled off to a land as strange to her as the Brontë’s imagined Gondal:  she finds herself constantly freezing; the strange family she resides with actually recites Shakespeare at the table (!); the brother is a poesy-spouting firebrand; and as for the middle Miss Brontë:  let’s just say she’s a little strange. . .

Yet with the passage of time, Maria – so ignorant she cannot add or say “Hello” in French – comes to value her teachers:  Charlotte, Emily, and Anne.   She learns German, Geography, Philosophy: subjects utterly verboten to women at the time!  During her stay at the Parsonage, Maria discovers some explosive letters:  addressed by Charlotte to M. Heger in Brussels, the model for Mr. Rochester.  This spurs Maria to become a proto-detective:  not to mention a first-class yenta!

Maria serves as our eyes and ears to incredible literary history:  the creation of the Brontë masterpieces:  Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.  She lives through the scathing reviews, the searing deaths of Emily and Anne; the near-hopeless fall of Branwell as he descends into drink and opium.

Will Branwell ever recover?  Will Charlotte reunite with Heger, or end up marrying her father’s stiff curate?  And what about that floating vision which visits Maria in the cellar?   Part Romance, part high comedy, part Victorian novel, The Misses Brontë’s Establishment takes the reader on a profound literary journey along with young Maria.

Author Bio:

Amy Wolf has published 38 short stories, including two in Realms Of Fantasy, and one in Interzone.  Her memoir, Don’t Let Me Die In A Motel 6, is a humorous account of her years after the Great Recession (and is available on Kindle).  Amy started her career working for the Hollywood film studios, where she was a script writer/reader.  She is currently an L.A. economic refugee living in Seattle.

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